Having a hair transplant is undoubtedly an important decision that requires a lot of research, thoughts and genuine, transparent consultation. Because hair restoration surgery is a cosmetic procedure and not covered by most insurance plans, the treatment cost is a serious consideration. Generally, the price depends upon the technique involved and the extent of your hair loss.
The cost of hair transplant procedures differs across varied geographic locations and there are certainly a large number of factors that determine the total price of hair transplant surgery. When researching about the hair transplantation cost and determining whether this treatment fits into your budget, it is significant to view the surgery as an investment that can improve not only your appearance but also your confidence.
When researching about the hair transplantation cost and determining whether this treatment fits into your budget, it is significant to view the surgery as an investment that can improve not only your appearance but also your confidence.
During your consultation, we will first learn more about your aesthetic goals then understand your concerns, your ultimate objectives will allow us to provide an estimate for the cost of your care. As each hair transplant surgery procedure is unique from one patient to the next, the cost of hair transplant surgery will also vary for each individual. For those who are considering hair transplant surgery as an option to retrieve the hair, there are quite a lot of factors that will shape your hair transplant cost:
The most crucial factor affecting the cost of a hair transplant is directly proportionate to the procedure the patient chooses. Hair transplantation cost also depends upon the extensive package to ensure you enjoy maximum comfort throughout the procedure.
This is one of the most important elements that determine the cost of hair transplant surgery. The number of grafts that a patient requires to meet his or her goals decides the actual cost of surgery. For example, an individual requiring 3000 grafts have to pay less than a patient requiring 4000 grafts.
Hair restoration surgeries requiring a large number of grafts, consequently take longer than those surgeries requiring a lesser amount of grafts. Therefore, more resources are required for a larger surgery which would directly affect the overall price.
The total price of hair restoration surgery is typically decided on the basis of a cost per graft. A graft is a natural cluster of hair (typically 1-4 hair) which is commonly referred to a follicular unit. FUE transplant surgery (Follicular Unit Extraction) includes extracting these follicular units individually, directly from the scalp one at a time by using a special instrument. This kind of procedure requires a greater amount of time to extract the grafts due to the tedious nature.
Do you know what it takes to get an unnoticeable hair transplant? It’s the hair transplant design, and a good design depends upon the skill of the surgeon which is crucial for the successful outcome. A skilled and well-practiced hair surgeon can attain the illusion of hair density by arranging the transplanted hair proficiently in the parts of the scalp that are most noticeable.
The cost of a hair transplant also depends upon a team of skilled medical staff and technicians involved. A number of nurses, surgeons work on each patient and there is no low-cost method of offering this level of expertise. Low quality of hair transplant or getting it done from some inexperienced doctor or unprofessional staff can have serious, negative and long-term consequences.
The level of scarring you will experience is usually determined by the technique used to extract the follicles and the body’s own ability to heal. If all the technical things are taken due to note off in a hygiene environment, then the chances become minimal. Hence, the patient has to follow the instructions given by his/her surgeon.
Many people tend to forget to add the costs of travel to and from the clinic or hospital. However, it is advisable to travel long distances if you find a suitably qualified surgeon, which might add up to the travel costs.
An Estimation to the Hair transplant procedure Cost:
Hair transplant surgery can surely give you natural-looking results which last for years. When compared to the usual hairpieces, it is considered as the best permanent solution with a good appearance.
It is not only surgery, but also a skill to get the desired look and the success of it depends upon the skill of the surgeon and the dedication of the team. Getting your hair transplant in India will ensure that you are in the safe hands as well as it will not cost you a fortune like in the USA or UK.
Reviva Clinic in Chandigarh, India provides the best hair transplant in India without being brutal on your wallet. Our motto is to offer nothing but the best to our clients, whether it is about the service, comfortable environment, medical staff, skilled surgeons or affordable prices. Your comfort is of utmost importance to us, hence we offer the below-mentioned facilities:
Note: We do not profit in any way from transportation and hotel fee.
Simply put, opting for a hair transplant procedure in India is far more cost-effective than a procedure in US or UK, while still providing you with your desired results at the finest facility across India – Reviva Clinic. At Reviva Clinic, each team member has a great sense of aesthetics and surgical expertise with good years of proficiency in successful hair restoration.
At Reviva Clinic, Dr. PrabdeepSohi and his team will discuss the various factors that will define your unique treatment cost, and then guide you through the process of achieving thicker, fuller hair. Because of our personalized approach and fulfilling different needs of individual patients, pricing will differ from one individual to another as no two patients receive the same treatment because of some unique variations in the client presentation.
If you want a better diagnosis along with the precise cost of hair transplant, send us a set of photographs that can allow us to evaluate the number of grafts to be implanted. Being a well-reputed hair transplant clinic in India, Reviva clinic leaves no stone unturned to offer competitive hair transplant cost in India. We would love to be part of the solution that you might be looking for years and help you gain your confidence back along with your hair.
To get an estimate of the number of grafts and hair required for the desired hair restoration, click on our graft calculator. By multiplying the total grafts required with rupees per graft you will get an idea of the total chargeable amount. It is also important to know that we charge on ‘per graft’ basis and not on a ‘per hair’ basis.